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becoming a hoosier

May 1, 2012

So in a matter of a couple weeks i have invested myself in the Indianapolis pacer. I have gone to 3 games in the last month (cheap tickets i may add!) The first was with the boys and joanna, then me and joanna went and this last one was my first experience with playoff basketball. The tickets werent the greatest but the fans were really into the game and made for a great experience and some great man time with my good friend jared.

The next phase of my time with the Y is about to start! i am going to be a director of the sports and youth enrichment camps going on all summer long. Me and girl i work with will be working together to make this a rocking summer and im really excited for it to start.

Today marks the first day of the Budget that me and joanna have set for ourselves so that we know where everything is going! woot woot.

so what is the first thing we do? start spending our weekly amount on eating out and get dinner at boston market! haah so far so go i guess! im excited to make it count!.

we got our checks from our bank today that say joanna and brian on them! so cool you dont even know!!

so it has rained and i mean down pour hid your pets get in side rained like 4 times today and for some unknown reason sammi wants to go outside on his leash and play in the grass right NOW…..booo! so i have the back door open i have the back gate open and i can hear him as he walks around exploring  the new found back yard!

As he walks in the house i notice it looks like he got in a fight with a sprinkler his face is wet his legs are wet and his body is wet from the long grass that he just loves so much! welp i guess i dont need to give him a bath for a little longer. Thanks God for the rain! haah!

well monday and tuesday went fast. my family is coming this weekend! and i CAN NOT WAIT!

have a great week!


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