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The neighborhood

May 9, 2012

In the last couple of days sammis world has grown about 15 feet when i got him a leash for him to go outside of our deck into the grass behind our townhouse. Needless to say he LOVES IT. He also shares this new part of his world with two little Spanish speaking girls.

I dont think sammi knows what to do with them.They on the other hand love him very much. I have been teaching them not to run up to sammi and that he is a little scared for them because he is only a baby.  The older girl is very brave for a 8 year old she just wants sammi to like her. Sam is a little skiddish the only way he feels comfortable with them coming close to them is if they come with a little gift for him. AKA a stick.

I taught her that unless im outside she shouldnt come to close to sammi, and she has been really good about that. She is teaching me some good spanish words so i can talk to her better.

Today i let sammi outside so he could run around but didnt put him on his leash right away leaving the door open so he could come inside if it started to rain. Instead he started bringing in little sticks.

Now you got to understand the closest tree to our townhouse is a good 30 feet away no where close enough for little sticks to show up for sammi.

so i go out to investigate the back yard.

now i have the fence set up so sammi cant get out, i use a chicken wire looking fence and iv stapled it do the wooden fence.

The girls have found the small hole in the fence and have been placing little sticks for sammies enjoyment so he will like them more. Stinking smart little girls.

I decided that after all their work they deserved some good sammi time and let him out to hang out with the girls.

im the cool neighbor with the little puppy that teaches gym. Score!

Love it!


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