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A little update

July 4, 2012

So it’s been a while sense I have thought about blogging, impart because it’s summer and also impart because there is so much going on I’ve been very distracted.
So we will start with the busyness of summer, I have started my summer work at the YMCA and really grown to love it. I am a site director of the sports and youth and enrichment camps(but I try to help with all the camps) this job keeps me on my toes all the time due to working with children and being leadership. I have learned and lot and I hope to keep learning. I have fallen into the role of the disciplinarian this summer just as I have in the previouse positions I’ve had over the years. I enjoy being able to correct a child’s way and encourage them to a newer and better way. Seeing the light bulb go off in their head on something is AWESOME!.

Jo and myself for a couple of reasons started looking for a house to move into after our 14 month lease is up. After thinking about building, looking at houses everywhere and noticing that we are only halfway though our current lease we have decided that we Re going to stay at least a little longer where we are. Learning to enjoy we’re we are and not look ahead to our next stop is sorta a challenge for us but were getting there.

Weddings are happening everywhere! We have had the great honor to be invited to several of our friends weddings and are very thankful that we are done with the planning of a wedding haha

Sammi has grown so much……well at least a lot for a little dog like himself, it’s hard to believe the could fit in the palm of my combined hands at one time! He is still learning that even when we are not around he may not pee on anything….no more unsupervised time upstairs for sammi and no more bedroom for sammi. You little poop you. He is like having a child but from what I’ve heard not as much as I might think! Haha I’m willing to wait to find out.

I also won’t home for fathers day this year to be with the greatest dad I could ever ask for and nada blast cleaning up the back yard and making the place look good! While we were there my mom gave us a couple of pictures that my nana painted so we could hang them up at our place!

Jo is still working night and I still dislike that a lot but I also know its best for her to stay where she is for now god has great plans for her there. She is an amazing woman and I am so proud o her!

So. Sense we decided not to move out yet we have decided that we can get a couple more stuff for our place. Soo we got a carpet for our carpet…..haha….aka a rug! Joanna picked itut I carried it all the way to the car. We got me a video game chair and we found a chest ish thing that Joanna’s parents had in their gorage that they were not using so we helped fix that up and moved it into our place to keep sammi from stuffing his toys under the couch….o and to put Jos blankets in :p
Life is good with my best friend walking side by side with me.






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