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Life full speed ahead

September 7, 2012

It’s been a while sense I have written on here. So here is a little update.
Joanna and I have decided that we are going to take the next big step in our lives together, we are going to be home owners. We will be building a house a little north of where we are now. A house big enough for our family to grow. In 4 years(5 year plan….one year in). 🙂
It took a little time but everything seems to be in place for us, just waiting for the details to work them selves out a little.

Our poor little puppy had his first encounter with fleas. Me and Joanna worked for a solid week sweeping and giving him a bath before we found out that the problem wasn’t inside it was outside. Due to the very mild winter the fleas never died and were in full force. Thankfully the apartment complex felt it was bad enough to take care of the outside and the inside of our apartment.

School has started for me and I have to say this year is soooo much easier then I remember last year being at the time. The kids already know what I expect from them so they art challenging me
as much as they did last year, and I am much more comfortable with what Im doing and what I want to do with the kids. This year I am doing walking club with the kids after school for an hour on Wednesdays. Last Friday I got all the paper work ready and printed out 300 copies to give to all the 3rd-4th-5th graders. I gave a good stack of papers to each teacher to give to the students that were interested I the program. I gave our 200ish papers….the teachers came back asking for more. Needless to say I was a little worried about how many kids were going to joining walking club.
I waited till walking club this week and braced for the unexpected. Thankfully all who were “interested” didn’t follow though, but a good amount did show up. About 42 for my first week, but more are expected!
Dear bachelor night ….please be over soon I’m sick of u 3 night in a row. Miss my girl.


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