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One year later

So it has been one year sense i graduated from Indiana Wesleyan University.

Sense then i have married my best friend, moved to Indianapolis, got my first teaching job, bought a puppy, became a youth director at my church and learned o so much about myself my god and my girl.

I am currently sitting on the couch watching some T.V on a night when joanna is working. A night i call my bachelor night, i dont like these nights at all. I thought they would be night were i get to have some good old fashion me time but instead i just miss joanna and play video games. Have i said how much i dislike these night haha

I am just over three weeks away from the end of my first year of teaching, who would have guessed this time last year that i would be a full time teacher at a local Indianapolis elementary school? no one not a single person. The way that god provides is always amazing to me!

i took my youth group on a youth retreat to IWU how crazy is that? we even won a T.V. loving what god is teaching me through these kids, the best part is that non of the YG kids are anything like me. i love that!

This time last year i was on the edge of crazy change in my life, this year i get to watch lots of my friends experience this same change in their own ways i have at least 5 wedding to go to this summer and fall! crazy excited to go walk with my friends through this time in our lives!

Im on the church league softball team, were not good but it think thats part of the fun. we get to learn how to play together and get better together. I have learned already in two games that im not really an important part of the team. iv batted 3 times and made it to second once, and grounded out. i think iv cought 3 fly balls in left field, thats it no more then that! i like it. I like that i can support the people around me and encourage them. next game is sunday can not wait!

At the end of this school year i start working at the ymca summer camp! cant wait for that too!

as for now me and sammi are hanging out on the couch watching some basketball and relaxing missing out favorite girl joanna=]


always learning

so its spring break! woot! im excited i get a little more sleep than i would get normally but this spring break is a little different than spring breaks in the past. This year im working during my spring break, as a YMCA employee. Every time there is a break in the school year there is a camp called schools out camp. I do my best to work at these because its helpful to the people that i work for and it gives me more experience and hours. So for most of this week im working from2-6 woot!  maybe a little longer if im needed at anytime! (if you can do something to help some one in a time of need you should do it, because you never know when you will be in a time of need too)

So iv been noticing over the last couple weeks something about joanna and how the house looks. In her mind the way the house looks reflects her. There are times when sammi and i will mess the place up and she wont feel comfortable untill it looks better. Sometimes i try and help clean the house and i do a fairly good job and it will make her feel better for a little while and then she will need to put her womanly (and Much better) touches to the cleaning of the house! haha a woman always knows best. Im working on being able to clean like she can she just knows where everything needs to go and how it should work…i just kinda try to put it away to get it out of the way. I think i need to try a little harder and see where that ends up 0:)

So iv have been showing my green thumb lately and dont know if joanna knew i had that and at first it surprised her and now it just all makes sense. My dad liked to do that kind of stuff and so did my papou only natural for me to want to do it too! and she doesnt have do as much work outside cause i like to do it, and thats a plus! haha

well just took sammi for a walk to let moma sleep he is still getting used to going for walks he isnt very good at not pulling and wanting to go every direction but stright!

still and always learning

Bachlor nights

Joanna works nights….woot…

There are very few things that are good about these nights, if i think hard enough about it i might find something

lets see i get to feel like a bachlor again and i get to spend time with our puppy sammi.

Ok the first one is wayyy over rated, the second is a lot of fun.

I feel like im getting a little taste of being a parent, little sammi is a chicken and has lots of energy. I have to feed him i have to watch him, and i get to love on him.

lately i think he has decided that this is his place and he will take care of it. He stands in the second bedroom looking out the window looking over the house.

One of my favorite things is at night around the time he is supposed to head to bed he gets excited and runs around the house like he is getting chased by cat. haha

Tonight he decided he wanted me to chase him… i played tag with him….he would go to the door i would take a step towards him and he would go nuts! running around the house as fast as he could, then he would run up the stairs. Next thing i know he would be about half way up the stairs, stop and look through the banaster waiting for me to come after him…he did this 4 or 5 times…..then he was done.

I dont think i have ever had a dog like him!

he protects whats most important to me and he give me company

right now he is watching over the house at his favorite spot!

Having Fun

So I am the young newly married New P.E teacher at my school, so I have taken it upon myself to make people smile and do things that are not “Normal”.

For example i like to blow hot hair on a window to make it fog up and then blow cooler air on the same spot to make the fog go away. Sometimes during lunch ill come up behind a child tap their shoulder and keep walking…..ok i do that at lot… the kids have caught on now and get me the look as i come up. I have dressed up like a pig for out fall party, i have dressed like an alien for our book fair, iv been Santa Claus for Christmas.

This next week the kids are doing a fund raiser and their reward is to duct tape me to the wall…for every dollar they bring in they get a piece of tape to put on me….cant wait!!!

This month is march and as previously stated i love march……..

At school i have decided to put on a bracket with the teachers…..the winner gets a meal paid for by all of us!.. 25 woman….2 men…. i better not lose!

My students raised just over 1500 dollars for jump rope for heart so i get to go with them to a pacers game! so Stoked! and proud of my students!!

Cleaning mode

O Monday i never really know what to expect from you.

Lately iv found that Tuesdays are tougher then Mondays maybe because my weekend if farrr away with not end in sight from the week…not sure.

Well this Monday went with out a problem, basketball at school!

Today i had planned on cleaning out my closet at school so i would know what i had and where everything was, and to help me i was planning on using a couple of the YMCA kids to give them something a little different. We cleaned organized, moved and trashed lots of things, I found thing i never knew where there and found some things i didn’t know why they were there. We moved a storage cubbard from the Kindergarten room to my closet. I opened podomiters that i found in the drawers of the YMCA room. We moved everything out of the closet and put it all back in, in a better smarter way. By the time we were done we had spent an hour and a half. The kids LOVED it and i enjoyed having a clean closet that i could use!

My work was not done. I went home to a puppy that had to pee and a empty house that needed cleaned so i went to work, cleaning the dishes, throwing away lunch and taking the trash out, sweeping the house and lighting the candles and making sure the puppy was played with, and challanged joanna to a March Madness Bracket!….the winner get a free mean on the loser! losers choice where they go.

Joanna and i were able to enjoy the great weather and took sammi to the part to play! now time to grill out! Hamburgers and French Fries!! boyah!!!

Rolling forward

Ever had one of those days where your well rested but a little behind all day?

Thats what today was, we started the day by missing church because my alarm that was on my phone didn’t reset for the time change… we missed church and missed brunch that came after church because if you don’t go to church you don’t get a free meal…..darn.

well there is always next month to try again haha

This time of year is awesome…my first year to live with my best friend and my first year to really enjoy the spring with her….i love spring¬† i get to go on more walks with jo and i get to get back to some of the sports that iv missed out on for the reast of the year!

This year im playing for our church in a softball league! i practiced today for the first time in years…turns out i still have some skill….a little rusty but my dad taught me well to hit a baseball and a softball is a little easier to see then a baseball haha

Now that March Madness is now here im super excited!

Joanna works nights and tonight is the first time this week that she works…..i dont enjoy my nights with out her so i guess this blog is another way to pass the time! miss ya joanna kaye boudouris

Hello world!

My wife has started her own blog so I have decided that will do my

best to follow.